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Greenshield offer top quality Blown Insulation to all residential homes in the San Jose Bay Area Region. 

There are several benefits to blown in insulation over Batt insulation. The benefits include the method of installation & its energy efficiency and where it can be used. 

Here are the top 4 reasons to consider using Blown Insulation:

1. You can Create your Own R-Value.
Depending on how much material is used, it can create a protection with an R-Value of R-19 to R-60 or more. Batt Insulation has an R-Value that is selected when purchasing. Blown Insulation can easily be applied to have you insulation either go to R-30 to R-60 at completion in the Attic having maximum efficiency. 

2. Only High Quality, virgin materials are used by Greenshield. We use High Quality Mineral Wool Blown Insulation to insulate your Attic. 

3. Blown Insulation can fit into places that Batts are unable to fit into.
It can be installed in tight corners that can not be reached. All the cracks, crevices and imperfections in the attic will be insulated. It is a very quick and efficient way to insulate the Attic. 

4. This type of insulation is extremely energy efficient.
Since this material is installed over your joists and everything in the Attic, that means it is more efficient because of the coverage factor it has. When you install Batt insulation, you lose some of the efficiency in areas that Batts will not reach. Blown Insulation provides 100% coverage to maximize your home's insulation efficiency.

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