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Comprehensive Home Energy Diagnostic Tests

Greenshield provides complete, comprehensive home energy diagnostic tests for residential clients in the San Jose metro area.

We use energy in the home in many ways, both directly and indirectly. Here in the United States, a high proportion of energy is used to moderate the climate indoors and bring it to within a comfortable range, either by heating or by cooling. Another significant use is to lower appliances, electronic equipment and artificial lighting. Saving energy should be just as instinctive as putting on your seat belt when you get in the car. Turning lights off, learning the proper setting of thermostat, costs nothing but will save you a significant amount of energy dollars.

Home Energy Assessment Infrared DiagnosticsA home energy audit is your first step in attaining 100% home energy efficiency.  It is a comprehensive home energy diagnostic test. The process will show you ways how to reduce your energy consumption, how to be 20% cooler in the summer making you more comfortable in your home, without the use of too much energy, and will save you money. The BPI certified professional will inspect, test and measure  your home using the complete necessary equipments and will give you valuable advices on the following areas:

  • Safety Aspects in your home;
  • If your home is leaking energy dollars for  heat you pay for every winter;
  • If you have adequate and healthy air flow in your home;
  • If you have mechanical problems in your heating and cooling;
  • Carbon Monoxide levels in your home;
  • If your water consumption, appliances and lighting are making you spend more that you need to;
  • If you are inhaling bad air detrimental to you and your family's health;
  • How to increase your home value, in easy, economical and simple steps;
  • What energy-efficient retrofits are practical and cost-effective.


A good Energy Professional will do the following:

  • Identify the type, size, condition, and rate of energy consumption for each major energy-using device;
  • Recommend appropriate energy conservation, operation, and maintenance procedures;
  • Estimate labor and material costs for energy retrofits;
  • Note current and potential health and safety problems and how they may be affected by proposed changes;
  • Explain behavioral changes that will reduce energy waste;
  • Provide a written record for your decision making.