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Batt Insulation


Insulation Batts are a very effective and energy efficeint option that help with both Temperature control and Sound transmission in the home. Insulation Batts can be used in existing and new construction residential/commercial applications. They are used in open framed applications such as Open Walls, Attic, Floors and vaulted ceilings. Batt insulation is a very effective way of making your home more comfortable year round. A big benefit of installing Batts in your attic is that your attic will still be accessible to walk in if needed to be accessed, unlike when installing blown insulation. Greenshield uses the highest quality Glasswool Batt Insulation that is made from Recycled Glass Bottles and one of the world's most abundant renewable resources, Sand. Our insulation contains NO Phenol, Formaldehyde, Acrylics or Artifcial Colors. It is Not made from chemicals that are Petroleum-Based, but instead from Renewable Bio-based materials. 


Another very effective, high quality and Eco-Friendly Insulation is Ultratouch Denim Cotton Insulation Batts. These Insulation Batts are made from Recycled Denim Jeans that feature No-Itch or Skin Irritation. They are treated with a Non-Toxic solution to provide mold, mildew, bacteria and fungi resistance, which also acts as a fire retardent. This insulation has superior Sound and Thermal Performance. Greenshield specializes in providing High Quality Denim Cotton Insulation Installation. Call us today for your FREE Estimate at (408) 291-0107