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Attic Insulation


Greenshield offers eco-friendly attic insulation to residential and commercial buildings in the San Jose Bay Area Region.

Insulating your attic is the #1 way to save money on your heating and cooling costs.

When you are starting to plan to insulate the Home, the Attic is the #1 area to start with. The Attic is the area of the house that is going to help your house out the most during the Summer and Winter. During the Hot Summer months the roof is the area of your house that is most exposed to the sun. During the long, hot days the attic will build up significant amount of heat that will eventually make it into your home. Having the right amount of insulation is what will keep that heat from making into the house. During the cold Winter months, having the right amount of insulation in your attic will make your home more comfortable. By not having the right amount of Attic insulation, the hot air you buy (by turning on your Furnace) will go up and through your ceiling and into your Attic causing your home to be cold. When that happens you will need to use your furnace significantly more, causing your energy bills to increase. 


Greenshield offer top of the line quality Attic Insulation Services. Our Services include everything from Removing your Insulation, Cleaning/Sanitizing the entire Attic space, Whole Attic Air Sealing and Installation of the New Insulation. Our work is very thouroughly and efficiently completed. We use only eco-friendly, formaldehyde free blown-in loose fill, batt and reflective insulation materials. Attic insulation and air sealing give you the most return for your investment. Please Contact us @ (408) 291-0107 to receieve your FREE Estimate!