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About Us

Green Shield is a company formed into helping America with this booming energy crisis. Already making big strides into helping America become green by making their home’s run more energy efficiently. Green Shield is made up of a group of individuals that all come from the Home Energy Efficiency and Home Improvement Industries with years of experience, specializing in making your homes more comfortable and run safer for our environment.  

With experience in areas such as general contracting, home remodels, Insulation, home energy efficient upgrades, roofing and finish carpentry, our team of experts are the solution for your home energy needs. 

Green Shield is an Energy Efficient Home Improvement company which is dedicated to helping homeowners achieve maximum comfort level in their home while at the same time striving to help keep the environment clean and Green. We are the only stop for all of your home energy conservation needs. We use only the most effective and advanced solutions in the industry for your home while making sure all of our products and solutions are safe for the environment.

Green shield is a company focused on helping America conserve energy, help homeowners cut down on their energy bill and live more comfortably, reduce the carbon footprint and help save our environment. To find out exactly what you can do to make your home more energy efficient you will need to have one of green shield’s trained expert energy consultants come and perform a comprehensive 16 point energy audit to assess the homes needs and let you know exactly what you can do to start saving energy and live more comfortably.