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Attic Insulation Removal and Clean Up Services



Over the years your Attic Insulation will get damaged and need to be removed. Typically insulation that has been in the attic for 30+ Years will build up lots of dust, rodent/pest droppings, moisture and become very inefficient. Most houses have had the same insulation in their attic for 30-60+ Years and in most cases the New Insulation will be installed over the old, damaged, rodent infested insulation. Other issues occur in the attic to cause your insulation to need to be replaced, such as time, moisture, rodent/pest activity, incorrectly installed insulation & unventilated attics. 

When the insulation in your attic is removed you get a chance to remove 50+ years of build up and start fresh. There is no way to know what is exactly under your insulation unless you remove it. Majority of attics have or have had rodent or pest activities at some point in the lifespan of the house. Another major benefit is that you get a chance do complete Attic Air Sealing. That is very important because when old insulation is present you will not be able to Air Seal properly. Air sealing occurs on all ceiling fixtures such as recessed lights, ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, sound speakers, bathroom fans and any other fixture that is cut into the ceiling. Typically those air leakages are not seen because the trim of the light or other fixture covers up the gap between the unit and the ceiling. When adding up all the gaps throughout an average house, the size of the gap will resemeble the sized of a Basketball in your ceiling. Some homes will have more light fixtures and have gaps the size of multiple basketballs. Even if you put the best and highest R-Value insulation those gaps will still have air flow going through them. 

A percentage of the Air you breathe in your home comes from the Attic and Crawlspace areas. The attic is usually filled with old insulation that have rodent droppings and other contaminants. The more air gaps you have in your ceiling, the more of that air that you will be breathing in your home. That is why removing the old insulation is very important to not only the efficency of your home but a major factor in the indoor air quality in your house. 

Removal of Attic Insulation is not a job for the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) people. This is a job that requires the right equipment and training. Greenshield is an expert in this field and do the highest quality removal work. We have state of the Art Custom Insulation Vacuums that extend to your attic through a long high powered hose that takes all the insulation out and into large special filtered Insulation Vacuum Bags that are placed in a large dump trailer. We take all premeasures to insure the job is done in a very clean, safe and efficient manner. Our company will not leave any crumbs behind as all insulation and rodent droppings are completly removed. After the Insulation is removed we are able to see every part of the attic and can rodent proof to prevent any future access for any rodents or pests. We will then sanitize the entire Attic before installing the new insulation. Call us Today to get a Free Estimate for your Attic Insulation Project at (408) 291-0107!




DURING (ATTIC CLEANED OF INSULATION) (Attic Spray Foam Air Sealing in 2nd Photo)